Rivers Edge



A magical hillside estate nestled on 5 acres of beautifully landscaped and undulating slopes, surrounded by spectacular panoramic views. Spacious, classy and most importantly, family friendly. It is the kind of environment you and your family deserve to live in. It meets your aspirational and emotional benefits of the home you need and deserve.

Project Details

Client  RiversEdge
Industry Real Estate

Project Feature

The Space Hunter together with Kijiji Agency developed a purely digital campaign that utilized Facebook and YouTube as the key drivers for communication. Our communication was aimed at inviting the target market for open house which was happening every weekend for 2 months. We brought in 90% more leads to the open house than a leading realtor firm. We generated sales valued at over KES 180 Million in 8 weeks.

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This garden is just for you!
It provides a great space to entertain your guests for an outdoor party, barbeque or any other social event as well as an opportunity for you to unwind when you need to.


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